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eCooperate (CTMS)

Clinical Trial Management System

eCooperate is a Clinical Trial Management Platform for project management. It can be integrated with eArchieves(eTMF). eCollect® (EDC) and other systems, to deliver real-time summary for files, data and management information.



Visualized Statistical
Reports for Project

· Multi-dimensional display of project progress, enrollment, milestones, quality, etc.

· All trails recorded in the system and statistical reports are accessible anytime to provide evidence for objective evaluations.


Customized Data

· Customized reports can be exported both manually and automatically.

· Recommended statistical reports available to summarize data, enrollment, SAE, issue and risk in real time.

· Site data analysis to support decision making.


Data-driven Trial Risk
Management to
Improve Project Quality

· Six types of risks: progress, enrollment, data, quality, file, two-dimensional risk analysis, risk Intervention through one-click.

· Indicators to demonstrate risk-based thresholds and regular intervention based on assessment.

· Set intervention method to assign and trace risk management tasks in real time.


Report Management
and Intelligent

· Include templates of visit plans, communication reports, SAE, PD and other comprehensive SOP report files.

· Intelligent approval: logical assessment based on Issue to filter out important approval items.


eTMF Incorporated
Efficient Clinical Trial
Document Management

· TMF standard templates combined with SOP management to trace, report and correct files.

· Online file preview, approval, annotation, signature, download and issue tracking.

· Fulfill the requirements of clinical trial file management, realize the automatic file archiving process based on file properties.

· All file edit history can be traced.


Transparent and Fair
Data-Driven Performance

· CRA performance is ranked monthly, quarterly and annually to build an effective team.

· Set up goals and construct quantitative assessment models based on user data to maximize potential.

· Establish fair and transparent team management and talent cultivation platform.

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