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Reading Time: < 1 minute In the clinical research industry, aligning with global standards presents significant

Specializing in digital clinical research solutions, Taimei Technology has steadily established itself as a trusted partner and leader within the field, a title solidified by
The pharmaceutical industry is fueled by data. Huge amounts of information are available from sources as diverse as patient health records, wearables, and social media
During CRM Trial Connect 2023, Dr. Zaliha Mustafa, Minister of Health Malaysia visited Taimei Technology’s booth where she engaged in a discussion with the company’s executives.
Automating clinical trial payment management offers sponsors greater speed, accuracy, and transparency, enabling trials to run more smoothly than ever before.
Pharmaceutical innovation is surging, and the wave of digitalization is rising. In this article, we’ll look into Jacobio Pharmaceuticals and see how adopting a digital
Chinese CRO companies are entering a new era of global competition, which has also raised requirements for the digital capabilities of domestic CRO companies. In
AI spending in the pharma space is set to grow. Advanced technologies offer opportunities to increase efficiency, quality, and speed at every stage of clinical
China-based Taimei Technology, a digital cooperation platform for the life science industry, announced the opening of its new Singapore office on February 1, 2023. The

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