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Through digital technology solutions and innovative services, we empower new drug research and development, accelerate the process of new medicine launches for our customers, and improve business performance. Together, we will fulfill the vision of “building a digital ecosystem for the life science industry” for the benefit of patients.

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We provide solutions to 1,300+ pharmaceutical companies & CRO

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We provide solutions to ~700 clinical trial sites

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We provide solutions to 370+ SMO



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We offer 40+ software solutions and digital services

eCollect (EDC)

Electronic Data Capture System

eCollect features remote data review and transparent data standards.

eCollect(EDC) - Electronic Data Capture System
RTSM - Randomization and Trial Supply Management

eBalance (RTSM)

Randomization and Trial Supply Management

eBalance covers the subjects’ randomization, enrollment, drug supply & dispensation, emergency unblinding, and other processes, with real- time monitoring and management of medicine and trials.


Safety Management in Clinical Trial Solution System

eSAE focuses on life-cycle SAE management from collection to archiving. It is based on one platform for SAE report management beyond the safety database. Empowered by digital transformation, eSAE can reduce as much as 50% labor intensive efforts. Most important of all, it is compliant with GCP as well as GVP requirements.

Pharmacovigilance​ - Holistic Services

Taimei Technology’s system has solved most of the problems in our TMF management, and the professional service team has saved us a lot of time in establishing the TMF structure and indexing.

Ann G. Vollmer

Clinical Research Manager, Lupeng Pharmaceutical US Clinical Team

Taimei Technology supports the construction and growth of our pharmacovigilance system. From the first cooperation guideline in 2015, it has helped us overcome many implementation difficulties.

Yan Zhang

Head of Pharmacovigilance and Quality, Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals (China)

At first, we chose the CRO service. Now as the number of projects is gradually increasing, we decided to build our own clinical trial system from database construction. Taimei’s EDC is exactly what we need at this stage.

Quangang Qu

Senior Director of Clinical Optimization, Roche Diagnostics

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