Pharmacovigilance System Compliance Management Solution

eSafety focuses on pharmacovigilance system management including data safety and compliance monitoring. It is based on one platform for pharmacovigilance system compliance beyond safety database. Utilizing digital transformation, eSafety can reduce as much as 50% labor intensive efforts. Most important of all, it is compliant with GCP as well as GVP requirements.


Comply with Pharmacovigilance Regulation


Cover the establishment, maintenance and compliance improvement of life-cycle pharmacovigilance system


Cover PV quality system for PV policy, procedure, process and PSFM management


Cover CAPA management by internal or external audit and inspection


Technology Empowers Efficiency Improvement 


Intelligent risk identification on PV system and compliance


Automation and AI makes PV smarter and efficient with auto coding and auto archiving


Overall Quality/Risk Dashboard Visualization


Key performance indicators for assessment and decision making


Project level team tasks are available for performance review and compliance management


Comprehensive Implementation Team and Services 


Provide product and services to 300+ clients worldwide 


Comprehensive post-sale service system with quick response