Lu Zhao

  • Chairman and CEO, Taimei Technology

     Gary Ma

  • Senior Vice President, Taimei Technology
  • General Manager, Clinical Research Business Group 
  • President, Taimei Technology USA

     Nate Zhang

  • Vice President, Taimei Technology
  • General Manager, Innovation Operation BU of CRBG, Taimei Technology
  • Head of Taimei Technology Asia Pacific

     Sam Xu

  • Head of Business Development, Taimei Technology Asia Pacific


Chairman & CEO,Taimei Technology

Mr. Zhao holds the bachelor degree of biotechonolgy pharmacy from Jilin University-China / Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and EMBA from Fudan University / Taiwan University management college. Member of Hupan College V. PhD student at China Europe International Business School.Member of Hupan College V.


Mr. Zhao is currently the member of Jiaxing CPPCC, vice president of Jiaxing Federation of Industry & Commerce(General Chamber of Commerce), vice president of Jiaxing Young Entrepreneurs Association. He won the 2021 Jiaxing Science and technology entrepreneurship Elite Award and the 2020 Jiaxing Excellent Entrepreneur Award.


Mr. Zhao has 10-year working experience in Shanghai Pharma Group and Schering Plough.


In 2008, Mr. Zhao established Jsure Health. With outstanding achievements in the field of patient recruitment, Jsure Health was listed on the new OTC Market (Symbol: 834294).


Mr. Zhao subsequently started Taimei Technology in 2013 to develop digital operation platform in life science industry and provide digital-based innovation solutions to innovation drugs R&D. Till now, Taimei has been obtained multiple rounds of investment from top VC such as Tencent, Matrix Partner, GL Ventures, YF Capital, Genesis Capital, Northern Light Venture Capital, CO-WIN Ventures, etc.

Gary Ma

SVP, Taimei Technology
GM, Clinical Research Business Group, Taimei Technology
President, Taimei Technology USA

Gary has extensive experience in management and digitalization of clinical trial.  He has completed the digitalization of 200+ pharmaceutical companies and CROs, and 600+ investigational sites since the year of 2015.


Gary leads the innovation of eclinical solutions, including EDC, IRT, CTMS and eTMF for the industry and clinical sites.


Gary has a BS in Basic Medical Science from Fudan University, Master of Pharmacology from SIPI, and IMBA from the University of Hong Kong.

Nate Zhang

VP, Taimei Technology
GM, Innovation Operation BU of CRBG, Taimei Technology
Head of Taimei Technology Asia Pacific

Nate is known as a global pioneer of digital innovation in healthcare. He has over 15 years of technical and management experience in digital healthcare.


Prior to Taimei, Nate dedicated to help Fortune 500 companies including Alibaba, Medtronic and HP to build competitive teams in life sciences  industry. Nate founded the digital medicine teams in Alibaba Cloud and Medtronic, and he was also the founder of Medtronic XR Lab. Nate has helped many well-known hospitals across the world, including Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, to build digital solutions.

Sam Xu

Head of Business Development, Taimei Technology Asia Pacific

Sam has over 15 years of sales and business development experience in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industries with successful track record in Asia Pacific who excels at propelling sustainable sales & profitability.


Sam is always pushing the ‘technology envelope’ in his work and finding new and innovative ways to increase sales and revenue. Sam oversees business development for Taimei Technology Asia Pacific